About OTO

We provide a scientific, one of a kind, app-based solution for your health. We make daily, real time, proven, personalized recommendations based on your physiological data.

How do we do this?

Data Analysis

Scientific Theory



What makes OTO different?

  • A database of over 10 million assessments collected from a wide variety of individuals: athletes, military personnel, first responders and sedentary populations.
  • Consumer-grade personal wearable technologies have a limited ability to gather and analyze the electrophysiological signals to provide the user with an indication of their stress and recovery with great accuracy. OTO’s medical grade wearable uses a 500+ Hz portable wireless transmitter that significantly improves the data used for analysis.
  • Unlike other companies in the personal wearable field that use a limited analysis of data, OTO’s patented Combination of Method’s approach uses multiple methods of HRV analysis as well as ECG and EEG analysis. DC Potential analysis of the EEG signal is ground breaking with respect to quantifying psychophysiological stress and Stress Resilience.
  • Patented real time analysis of data in the cloud provides users the ability to receive daily programs that are adapted to their current physiological state anywhere in the world.
  • OTO’s patented Adaptive Activity Plans (AAPs) are customized recommendations for user’s activity, rest and recovery based on a daily physiological assessment providing realtime actionable solutions.
  • In addition to our technology, our scientific approach to training and recovery recommendations is the foundation of our AAPs.

Our Product

OTO has many applications for use, such as fertility, cardiac rehabilitation, weight loss, wellness, and sports. We also have offerings in many other sub-medical areas.

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