Our Product

Our hardware (powered by Omegawave) is medical grade, with a higher sample rate than a standard ECG (500Hz vs 250-300Hz). These significantly improved specifications are the result of 30 years of innovation using electrophysiology in the sports performance and wellness space.

We have patents for the remote processing of a combination of signals; ECG, EEG, and DC potential, as well as patents on the cloud processing and provision of adaptive solutions. These methodologies (ECG, EEG, DC Potential) have established norms, unlike the consumer-grade wristbands that are on the market today.

How is OTO useful to the future customer?

High quality data is the feedstock for innovation. The human brain of an elite coach or doctor relies on mainly historical data (experience) and anecdotal evidence (cause and effect) to analyze problems and create solutions. Today’s technology allows us to interpret large amounts of data to help coaches and doctors make better decisions in real time.

Developing scientifically valid theories about how our physiology responds to stressors allows us to create solutions for generations to come.  For example, “stress management” has been a buzz phrase for years, but now, there is a daily management system available to you that addresses your specific needs and goals.

A small paradigm shift can change a person’s world forever.

North American perspective on weight training:
“It’s all about building muscles”

OTO’s perspective on weight training:
“The primary purpose is to modulate the hormonal system, which helps manage stress”