The Fertility Coach

Assess, Adapt, and Act to Support Your Reproductive Health with the OTO System

Stress & Infertility

Stressful events are a fact of life. Research1 indicates reducing the impact of stress supports your chances of conception.

What is The Fertility Coach?

What is
The Fertility Coach?

The Fertility Coach (TFC) is the leading solution to help you become more stress resilient to support your chances of conception. This patented solution measures your unique biological markers to create a personalized adaptive activity plan. In addition to supporting your fertility journey, benefits of improving your stress resilience include overall increases in wellbeing, health, longevity, and quality of life.

Did You Know?

The male and female reproductive systems are regulated by the nervous system.

Your health is a product of your body’s ability to adjust to your internal and external environments. You achieve a state of balance through the action of the body’s regulatory systems. Your nervous and endocrine / hormonal systems regulate the chemical and electrical signals in your body. These signals impact your biological systems and functions — including fertility.

How it works

1. Perform a 3 minute assessment

Use the OTO band and sensor and The Fertility Coach App for just 3 minutes to receive a reading of your current stress resilience level.

2. Your assessment is analyzed in the cloud

TFC tracks 50+ specific physiological properties to provide you with an accurate view of your Cardiac, Energy, Autonomic, and Central Nervous Systems. We compare your data to biological norms using millions of data points to provide you with a personalized Adaptive Activity Plan.

3. Follow the Adaptive Activity Plan

TFC provides you with personalized recommendations that include activity and recovery solutions to improve your stress resilience and overall health.

4. Reduce your stress

As little as two TFC activity sessions weekly, your body will become increasingly more stress resilient – which enhances your chances of conception.1

Build Stress Resilience to Increase Your Chances of Conception

Why it works

The long-term activation of the stress response system and the overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follow can disrupt almost all of your body’s processes. Increased stress leads to many health problems including a longer time to pregnancy and increased risk of infertility.4

TFC was built to help you measure and manage the impact stress has on your body. You will have data of your regulatory systems for you to track your progress, and discuss with your health practitioner.

The continued use of the Adaptive Activity Plan will promote measurable physiological adaptations that will improve your stress resilience over time.

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