Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware (Sensor, Belt and Electrodes)

I have paired the sensor but still the app doesn't detect my heart rate - what can I do?

It takes a short moment for the App to establish a live connection to the sensor. If the heart rate is not detected after more than 10 seconds, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Plug the sensor into the charger for 10+ seconds and re-attempt the assessment.
  2. Make sure the sensor is fully charged.
  3. Wear the belt with the sensor attached to both pins.
  4. Ensure that the sensor starts to blink a blue light.
  5. Make sure the electrodes are thoroughly soaked with water.
  6. Ensure that the sensors on the belt are in direct contact with the skin.

If that doesn’t work, please contact

I have sensor pairing issues with my iOS device.

Your sensor may be paired with the iOS device itself but not with Omegawave application. To resolve this issue, proceed with the following:

  • Activate the charged sensor by attaching it to your chest strap on your chest (the blue light on the sensor will start blinking)
  • Open the Bluetooth Settings in your iOS mobile device and ensure that Bluetooth is turned on (if not then this could be the cause of the problem)

If Bluetooth is turned on already, then continue with the steps as follows:

  • In your iOS device’s Bluetooth settings you should be able to find the activated Omegawave sensor, it’s called “OW-CB2”
  • Click now the little “i” icon next to “connected”
  • Click now “Forget this Device”
  • Please proceed now to the Omegawave application
  • Open the app’s settings and click “Select sensor”
  • You may repeat this procedure to ensure that the sensor is not paired with your iOS device but with the Omegawave application.

If you continue to have pairing issues, please contact

My sensor's battery drains quickly.

After each assessment, please make sure to detach the sensor from the belt. This will disconnect the electrical circuit and shuts down the sensor automatically. The sensor is turned off, when the light on the sensor is out.

I have paired the sensor but still the app doesn't detect my DC readings — what can I do?

Ensure that you are using unused electrodes and that you have connected the DC cable to your forehead and palm electrodes. If the application still indicates that it is unable to detect the DC Potential signal, it can mean that the micro-USB connector of the sensor may be broken.

In this case, contact support for further assistance:

How can I determine my correct chest strap size?

How do I clean my chest strap?

Our chest straps have electrode pads with metallic coating, which measure your ECG. It is important to handle them with care. We recommend cleaning the chest straps with only water or with mild hand soap and water.

Washing chest straps:

  • Follow washing instructions included on the belt
  • Gentle machine wash only
  • Max temperature 30 degrees Celsius/ 86 Fahrenheit
  • Please avoid using industrial washing machines
  • We recommend using a mesh laundry bag to avoid contact with washing machine edges and other laundry
  • Air dry only

Please DO NOT tumble dry, dry clean, bleach, iron, use strong detergents, fabric softeners or use disinfectants with alcohol (ethanol, isopropanol, or other cleaning alcohol).

Wiping the electrode pads with strong detergents or disinfectants can especially destroy them. Tumble drying and ironing can destroy the electrode pads after the first time.

How often can I use the electrodes?

Electrodes are meant for a one-time use only. We cannot confirm their accuracy if they are used for multiple measurements.


When is the best time for a measurement?

The best protocol to follow is to do the measurement just before performing your activity, or for sake of consistency, always in the morning. If possible, avoid having caffeine-based drinks or other stimulants before the measurement. Also try not eat heavy meals before the assessment. If conducted in the morning, please give yourself some time to fully wake up.

Despite our recommendations, do the assessment whenever it fits into your daily schedule the best. Only try to consider what variables may be affecting your measurement at any given time.

Can I do back-to-back measurements?

You may initiate consecutive assessments. However, please bear in mind that even the slightest changes in activity level may alter the state of your body, thus, your assessment results. In other words, your activity level should remain the same as before the first measurement.

Generally, give yourself at least 10 minutes time before you initiate a second assessment. Since we measure the transitional level of wakefullness from up-right to supine (horizontal) position, it is not advisable to keep lying down in between the measurements but to remain up-right in a calm state before initiating the second measurement.

I’ve completed a measurement but cannot see the results

A working Internet connection is required in order for the assessment results to be calculated. You may synchronise the app once connection is established again. The assessment results will then display.

I'm seeing an odd/unusual ECG graph during the measurement

If your ECG graph looks noisy, cancel the measurement and connect the sensor to a power supply using the micro-USB charging cable for a few seconds. Ensure that the sensor’s LED light turns red. This will reset the sensor and the problem should resolve itself.

If it does not, please contact support for further assistance:

Is it possible to turn off the in-app voice guidance during the measurement?

Yes! Simply press the small loud speaker icon in the right upper screen during the measurement screen to disable the voice-guidance. However, the beep signal will remain, indicating start and end of the measurement.

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