The Science Behind OTO

The relationship between stress and infertility.

Kristin L. Rooney, Alice D. Domar

Correlation of two-minute HRV analysis, Beck Anxiety Index, and Modified Health Assessment Questionnaire With Fibromyalgia Tenderness Score

AJ Holman, V Larionov, LMasakov

Three km Track Time Trial Performance Changes after HIIT in Competitive Cross-Country Skiers

Anneke Winegarden, Constance Lebrun, Louis Passfield, Patricia Doyle-Baker

Heart rate variability predicts anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy response for inflammatory arthritis

Andrew J Holman, Edmund Ng

Multiform wave organization of neurophysiological processes–universal "language" of human brain in realization of informational-controlling functions

V A Iliukhina

The Effect of the Menstrual Cycle on Daily Measures of Heart Rate Variability in Atheltic Women

Renée L. Kokts-Porietis, Nathaniel R. Minichiello, and Patricia K. Doyle-Baker

Continuity and prospects of research in systemic integrative psychophysiology of functional states and cognitive activity

V. A. Ilyukhina

Uncensored EEG: The role of DC potentials in neurobiology of the brain

Stjepana Kovac, Erwin-Josef Speckmann, Ali Gorji

Recurrent Neural Network to Forecast Sprint Performance

Kyle D. Peterson

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