OTO announces acquisition of Omegawave.

Oct 26, 2022 | News

OTO.Coach, Inc. (“OTO”), a leading health technology company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Omegawave, the gold standard in physiological assessments and human performance improvement.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Omegawave is a leader and pioneer in human physiological assessments. The scope of human intelligence on the metrics of human health, wellness, and performance is best in class through the utilization of medical-grade ECG, EEG, and HRV. Omegawave’s patent portfolio, cloud services and solutions management has been utilized by advanced coaches and tactical professionals globally. “OTO has been a valued partner as we build on our position as the leader in physiological assessments and solutions,” said Gerard Bruen, former CEO, Omegawave, and now Managing Director, OTO, Finnish Branch. “We are excited to embark on this new journey with OTO to build on our product portfolio.”

Caleb Evans, CEO and Co-founder at OTO, stated, “Omegawave represented an opportunity to invest in a company with a market leading product and service offering. We are thrilled to be including such a rich history of science backed solutions into our OTO product family and look forward to the expected growth following our acquisition and merger.”

OTO.Coach, Inc. is the parent company of three downstream verticals: OTO.Train LP, OTO.Health LP and OTO.Fertility LP. OTO is headquartered in Toronto, ON with an office in Vancouver, BC and Helsinki, Finland. OTO was founded and born from a collective of dedicated experts and is the leading hardware and software solution for human improvement – occupying market leadership in health, medical and wellness. OTO stands for Own the Outcome, and it symbolizes our offering: providing our loyal users the ability to own their outcomes in life. Our most recent company vertical: helping infertile couples reduce stress through physiological monitoring and adapted daily solutions.