You can’t always avoid stress, so a better strategy is to increase your ability to tolerate or resist stress. How do you build Stress Resilience? How do you build your psychological and physical states to be able to handle things you couldn’t handle before?

What is an Adaptive Activity Plan?

An Adaptive Activity Plan is the only principle based plan in the world that adjusts in real time to your psychological and physical states to guide your daily activities. This science driven program helps you modify your behaviour to achieve specific goals. Each day’s activities can take a toll on your body, but each day also offers a chance for you to build your physiology, so you are better conditioned to handle the stress of your life.

The first step is to understand your baseline or current level of functioning.

The OTO band and sensor gathers medical grade information on your psychological and physical states. The sensors gather information that allow you to understand how the systems in your body are adapting to the stress you put on them. Your heart, brain and hormones all react to daily stressors, whether it is the stress of infertility, your job, or an exercise program. We can identify normal ranges based on your gender and age and help you build more work capacity and stress resistance.

Our Adaptive Activity Plans have proven to create significant results with the least amount of effort possible.

How much you do on any given day will be based on an assessment of what you are capable of at that specific time, on that specific day. Think, “measurement based behaviour modification” with daily recommendations. Some days you may have a lot of capacity to do work and on other days you may not. The assessment is an indicator of “how much fuel you have in your tank” at this moment.

Based on data collected about your brain (nervous system) and heart (cardiac system), our expert system provides you an individualized program adapting the amount (ie: the number of sets and repetitions performed) and the intensity (ie: the tempo, weight or resistance used and rest intervals) of the activity to what your body is ready for on that day.

The objective of this program is for you to create stress resilient adaptations (the capacity of your heart and lungs, capacity of your nervous system to regulate your entire body, muscles etc.) based on your current psychological and physical state (how all your body systems and your brain work with each other). As you progress through the program your fitness and overall wellness will increase. The rate at which it increases is dependent on your current state, your genetics and your regular use of the program. You will be able to track each day and your progress over time with the OTO Stress Resilience Score.

We take a number of steps to make this personalized, highly efficient, science-based program a reality:

  1. We measure your physiology daily.
  2. We track you during your workout.
  3. We guide your workouts using medically established norms for effort.
  4. We measure your recovery from the previous day’s efforts and modify your workout each day.
  5. We design the program with specific and relevant goals such as managing your activity stress and becoming more stress resistant with the objective of creating overall wellness.